Join us for Manchester’s very first Space Unconference from 25-26th November 2016

SpaceUp Manchester is an ‘’unconference’’ totally dedicated to everything about Space. Unconferences have been held about technology, science, transit, and even cupcakes, but this is the first one focused on Space Exploration.

What makes SpaceUp Manchester different from other conferences is that it is you, the participants, who decide the topics, what gets talked about, themes, and the structure of the event, and most importantly, take an active part in talking and joining in the debates.

It’s like the best bits of a formal conference – the coffee break discussions, networking and excitement at new ideas – without someone shuffling you back into an auditorium to be lectured at!

SpaceUp Manchester is an event for space enthusiasts of every capacity, from young people to students, educators to scientists, creatives to citizens, technologists to entrepreneurs, and professionals within the space and research community.


What's happening at SpaceUp Manchester

Access Space

Find out about new and current ventures and opportunities to access Space projects, data, and participate in future Space missions

Network and Collaborate

SpaceUps are the halfway conversation between an idea and making it a reality, and encourage collaboration, whether you are a student, business, space professional, or just have an interest in Space, SpaceUp is for you!

Hackathon - Send your Hack to Space

We will be holding a Space Hackathon over the weekend to explore and develop future space missions, hardware,you name it! Lets make Space accessible for all and get those ideas flowing!

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